Amazon Alexa Skill and Google Action for ECHO Robotics

Control your ECHO Robots easily via voice control.
In the following we have compiled the most important questions for you.

1. What is the Amazon Alexa Skill, or the Google Action

With our skill you can control your ECHO Robotics simply by voice control.

2. Why do you need to register for this service?

A registration is required to create an instance to the Amazon, or Google Server. Unfortunately, this service is not possible with the ECHO Robotics portal.

3. For what will my data used for?

Your data will be used exclusively for the use of the service and stored in encrypted form. You can delete your data at any time by deleting your user account. You will find our data protection declaration under the following link: Dataprotection

4. Is the use free of charge?

The use of our service is free of charge.

4. What are the prerequisites for use?

For the use of the voice control only a simple registration in our portal and is necessary. If you require a new user account, please click on add new Account.

5. Which voice commands are currently supported?

A list of supported language features can be found on our website:

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